CNN Florida Republican President Primary Highlights Part III


Wolf Blitzer:

CNN in Espanol question from Miami:

Blitzer: Gingrich not as close as he claims?
Romney:  When Reagan was president, I was just getting started.  I was looking at politics from afar. As my biz became successful, I put aside my biz to run the Olympics, then became politically involved. I became more conservative as I was governor. 

Gingrich:  I remember fondly, Nancy Reagan said Barry Goldwater passed the torch to Reagan, Reagan passed to torch to Gingrich as Speaker.  

Romney:  I never voted for a Democrat when a Republican was on the ballot.  The Speaker can speak for himself regarding his closeness with Reagan.

Audience Question: Trade with Cuba?

Santorum: Against trade with Cuba.  Links Latin America with jihadists.

Paul: What can we do to improve relations with Cuba?  Supporting nationalists inevitably backfire.  The Cold War is over.  I think the American people are much more open, they don't see a jihadist under the bed every night.

Romney: Obama has largely ignored Latin America.  I will use every resource short of invasion to deal with Cuba.

Gingrich: Obama is worried about an Arab Spring, but not looking south to a Cuban Spring.  We will help Cuba get back to freedom and prosperity.

Audience:  Recognize Palestinians?

Romney: Its because Hamas, or people like Hamas, who want to kill the Jewish people and eliminate the State of Israel.  We are committed to a Jewish State of Israel.  I think Obama threw Israel under the bus.  This has created a greater sense of agression.

Gingrich: There were 11 rockets fired into Israel.  How many of you would want peace or see that as an act of war?  If they are prepared to say Israel has the right to exist, we could dramatically change the politics there within 5 year.  

CNN in Espanol question from Miami: 4 millian Puerto Ricans, we have been treated as second class citizens, none were named for cabinet positions.  51st state?

Santorum: Ive been to PR many times.  I have many relatinships with PRs in PA and on the island.  Statehood is for the people of PR to decide.  

Audience: How would your religious beliefs impact your decisions in the Office of Presidency.

Paul: My religious belief affect how I personally live, not the Presidency.

Romney: I would concur with that [Paul].  I would seek the Divine in a critical decision. The conviction of the Founding Fathers described the relationship between God and man.  

Gingrich: Enormous decision, go to God.  There has been an attack on religion by Progressives.

Santorum: Constitution is the How of America.  The Constitution is there to protect God given rights, not governemt given rights.  Faith has everything to do with it.  Everything governemnt gives you can be taken away.

Blitzer: Why you are the one person most likely to beat Obama?

Paul: On a national poll, I do very well against Obama.  The Freedom Movement means a lot more tolerance than other people like to give.  If you want Peace and Prosperity, you need someone who understands foreign policy and free markets.

Romney: We are becoming too much like Europe.  We need fundamental change in Washington.   You cannot have that change with people who have lived in Washington for years, I am the outsider working as an outsider as Governor of Mass and private sector.

Gingrich: I participated in the Contract with America.  I'd like my two grandchildren to look back 50 years ago, that the decision made now versus Freedom and Food Stamps.  It will be an American campaign that prefers a strong national security rather than trying to appease our enemies.

Santorum: I agree with the last two speaker.  Im not for top down government mandated health care. Im not for Wall Street bailouts like these last two gentleman.  Reagan Democrats know that this President has left them behind.  The center of my campaign is to win the industrial heartland.  


CNN Florida Republican President Primary Highlights Part III
Gingrich:Romney:Santorum:Paul:Moderator:Wolf Blitzer:CNN in Espanol ....
Gingrich:Romney:Santorum:Paul:Moderator:Wolf Blitzer:CNN in Espanol ....

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