CNN Florida Republican President Primary Highlights Part II


Wolf Blitzer:

CNN in Espanol question from Miami:

Gingrich: Lets leave personal politics out of it. [Applause]

Romney: Wouldnt it be nice to make accusations that you do not have to defend here.

Gingrich: I did make those statements.

Romney: I relied on a blind trust.  I earned that money. I took risk.  I'm proud of being in the free enterprise system.  Lets put behind the attacks of my personal investments.

Blitzer: Im ready to move on if you are.

Gingrich: It is a two way truce.

Blitzer: Romney's tax rate. [Booed].

Gingrich: I propose an alternative flat tax.  A single page.  My goal is not to raise the revenue to catch up with the government.

Blitzer: Americans want the wealthy to pay more taxes.

Santorum:  We want those people to use their wealth to employ people.  I take the RR approach, if 29% was good enough for RR, it is good enough to me.  I do not believe in a 0% Capital Gains Tax rate.  As long as tax does not deter the ability to deploy investment.

Paul: Get rid of the 16th Amendment.  The only way to do that is to get rid of the welfare system and stop being policeman of the world. We have to address the Wall Street bailout.  The welfare system helps the wealthy, not the poor.  There is a big differnece between those who earn money and those who rip up off through the government system.

Blitzer: Would you release your medical record?

Paul: My medical records would be one page and challenge anyone here to do the same.

Romney: will release.

Gingrich: Ive watched him campaign, Paul is in good shape..

Audience question: Future of NASA?

Blitzer: Moon base?

Romney: That would be an expensive program.  I want to bring in the military and administration in a partnership basis to get our space program thriving and growing.  I am not looking for a colony on the moon.

Gingrich: Do you believe NADA in its current form is the best investment in Space?  I believe by the use of prizes and incentives and common sense.  There are many things you can do to leverage the investment in Space.  I would like to establish a base on the moon before the Chinese get there.

Santorum:  Big problem is that young people are not getting involved in Math and Science.  We have a $1.2 trillion deficit.  We have to start cutting programs, not dreaming big ones.  You can't balance the budget with grand schemes like promises to people.

Paul:  I dont think we should go to the moon. I think we should send some politicians up there.  I would vote for national defense purposes.  If we had a healthy economy, the money would be there for jobs in aerospace.  We don't need a new huge beauracracy.  It should be followed up for defense issues, not just the fun of it.

Gingrich: It is really important when JFK said to put a man on the moon within the decade.  I want to see us move from one launch a day to 6 or 7.

Romney: If I had a biz exec come to me to put a colony on the moon, I'd say you are fired.  The idea of going state to state to promissing billions of dollars is how we got into this mess.

Gingrich:  I think it is a useful thing for the president to know about the states he is campaigning in, like the widening of the Jacksonville port. 

Paul:  Neither Reagan nor your you have had a balanced budget when you take in the Social Security system.

Gingrich: We should take SS off budget as a free standing trust fund.

Santorum:  We didnt have a $16 trillion debt, we have to be honest with the people.

Audience question: Im unemployed, unable to afford health care.  What can you offer me and others in my position.

Paul:  This is a consequence of the government being involved in medicine since 1965.  When pump money into something, the cost goes up like housing, education, medicine.  You are suffering from the consequence of government created inflation.

Gingrich: We should get the economy growing so she could get a job.  We need new health reform, not the Obama version.

Romney: I agree with Paul and Gingrich.  Right now if you have insurance, its because you got it through your employer because your employer gets a discount.  We should allow individuals to own their own insurance and get the same deductions as corporations do.  Obama is saying the same thing over and over again, and its not working.   If president, ill get you back to work.

Santorum: Health Savings account are the key.  Romney is the author of Romneycare, not just the gov mandate that you buy insurance, but something that Gingrcih advocated that the Fed government do the same.  Romneycare is the model for what Obamacare will look like.  1 in 4 do not get the care they need because of the high cost.  It does not provide the contrast we need with Obama.

Gingrich:  I believe in patient power, not federal mandates.  My plan was a personal system.

Romney: My state program was worked out with buisiness and union leaders.  I believe state programs should be what states believe are best for their citizens.

Santorum: You just said top down government from Mass works well.  These are not the clear contrasts we need to defeat Obama.

Romney: 92% of the people in my state already had insurance.  For the other 8%, we said if you dont buy insurance, you have to pay for the state picking up your bill.

Santorum: So everyone in Mass is mandated to buy health insurance, and if they don't, you have to pay a fine.  People are willing to pay a cheaper fine than buy expensive health insurance.

Romney: 98% have insurance.  I don't like the plan Obama has.  I will defeat Obamacare.

Santorum: Your mandate is no different than Obama's mandate. [Applause].

Paul: I think they are all wrong.  This is a typical debate when government is involved.  The better way is to let people make the decisions and not let government get involved.  I'm willing to cut 1 trillion out of the first year.

Gingrich:  When you look back at the 1960s, there was a totally different approach to health care.

CNN in Espanol question from Miami: Which Hispanic leader would you pick to serve in cabinet?

Santorum: Marco Rubio.

Gingrich: I thought Marco Rubio would have a more dignified position than serving in the cabinet.

Romney: Mel Martinez is back in the private sector.

Paul: My litmus test would be Hispanic or otherwise, they would have to understand the monetary system and foreign policy.


CNN Florida Republican President Primary Highlights Part III
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