CNN Florida Republican President Primary Highlights Part I


Wolf Blitzer:

CNN in Espanol question from Miami:

Audience Question:   What specific action to take against illegal immigration while preserving the rights of those who are here.

Santorum: I agree with Romney, we should enforce the laws we have.  You have to respect the law when you come here.  Unless you are here on a trust fund, you have probably worked here illegally.  Secure the Border. E Verify. Employer sanction.  Deportation.  We need immigrants to infuse vitality in this country.

Blitzer: Self-Deportation an Obama level fantasy?

Gingrich: We should make deportation easier.  Create guest worker program.  Self-deportation will occur if you are single, not if you have a family.  Grandmothers and Grandfathers should not self deport.  Have an American family sponsor them. 

Romney: For those who come legally, they would be given an ID card.  Employers would be severely sanctioned. Over time, those people will leave because they can not find work.  Three groups: Legally, brough by coyotes, those on the waiting list.

Paul:  You cant deal with immigration without dealing with the economy.  The way we are handling our borders is hurting our economy.  Visitors have a hard time coming in.  Use the resource on the Afghan/Pakistan border on our own border.

Gingrich: We as a nation are not going to walk into a church and grab a grandmother. I want English to be the official language of government.  I am willing to be tough, but also realistic.  We can pass legislation that would decisively reduce illegal immigration.

Romney:  I'm not anti-immigrant.  Dont use a term like that, it is repulsive.  Marco Rubio called you out on it [directed to Gingrich].  Applause.

Gingrich: I will give you the opportunity to self describe, what language will you use?

Romney: I am pro immigrant.  I want them to come legally. There are grandmothers on the other side of the border.

Gingrich:  You are accepting the fact that a family will take care of their grandmother.  Residency, not citizenship, to finish their life with dignity.  [Applause.]

Romney: Our problem is not grandmothers. [ Applause]

Blitzer:  Gingrich call Spanish the language of the ghetto.

Gingrich:  Every young American should learn English for economic prosperity.

Romney: There are bunch of ads out there being organized by 'the people'.  I fought for English immersion in our schools as governor.

CNN in Espanol question from Miami: The US has been largely away in its foreign and trade policy with Latin America, while China has engaged left leaning governments.

Paul: Free trade is the answer.  Add Cuba too. We should not dictate what government they should have.  Set the standard for governments to immolate us.  With friendship and trade, we could have a lot of influence.

Santorum:  Honduras stood up for the rule of law.  The U.S. government did not stand up for democracy.  Obama stood with Chavez and Castro.  Obama stands with the Marxist.  The EU understood how important it was for diverse people to come under one economic unit.

Paul: Standing up usually means supporting dictators and sending them a lot of money.  This is not benefiting us.  Where are we going to get the troops or the money?

Santorum:  I was talking about building strong economic relationships with the countries that oppose those militants.  Standing up to narco terrorists and Chavez.

Blitzer: We checked, it was your ad Mr. Romney on Spanish being a ghetto language.

Internet Question: How would phase out Fannie, Freddie

Romney: They are offering mortages to people who can't possible afford them.  We need to get people back to work and into homes.

Gingrich:  Who knows someone who has a house foreclosed?  Governor Romney owns shares of Freddie, Fannie, Goldman Sachs.  How many homes have been foreclosed by Romney's investments?

Romney: My investment are not made by me. They are made by trustee in a blind trust. Mr. Speaker, you also have a financial interest in Fannie, Freddie.  My trustee loaned money to Fannie/Freddie.  The Speaker got paid by contract from Fannie/Freddie to the tune of $1.6 million.

Gingrich:  There is a very substantial question, lets not do this or not do that.  The only time I spoke to Congress was to vote no on giving them [Fannie Freddie] money.

Should they return money?

Paul: That question doesnt concern me.  Fannie Freddie should have been auctioned off  [aaplause].  Fed kept interest rates too low to long, fannie freddie given too much line of credit.  I talked a long time ago to end that line of credit.

Santorum:  I was able to push for a gradual reduction of Fannie Freddie.  Petty politics.  Let focus on the issues  [applause.]


CNN Florida Republican President Primary Highlights Part III
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Gingrich:Romney:Santorum:Paul:Moderator:Wolf Blitzer:CNN in Espanol ....

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