Brevard Donates Most To Paul Out Of GOP Candidates

Brevard County residents donated more to the Ron Paul presidential campaign than any other Republican Presidential Primary candidate according to data from the Federal Elections Commission as of September 30, 2011. 

This is not surprising given the large amount of active and retired military residents in Brevard County.  Nationwide, retired and active military personnel donate to the Ron Paul campaign at a 4 to 1 ratio over Mitt Romney. 

Ron Paul's appeal to military personnel could be due to his strict interpretation of the U.S. Constitution along with a non-interventionist U.S. foreign policy when it comes to other foreign countries' disputes amongst one another.

This unprecedented shift in donations in Brevard County from traditional candidates to the Ron Paul campaign could also serve as a bell weather to local political candidates as to which issues should be addressed if they hope to gain both donations and votes from Brevard County Republicans and Republican-leaning Independents.

Statewide, Mitt Romney leads mainly due to large campaign contributions coming mostly from South Florida.

Here is breakdown based on the most recent available data:


$15,719Paul, Ron
$12,937Cain, Herman
$12,350Romney, Mitt
$6,543Bachmann, Michele
$6,000Pawlenty, Tim
$2,750Perry, Rick
$1,650Gingrich, Newt
$500Santorum, Rick
$300Terry, Randall A
$250Huntsman, Jon

Mitt Romney                 $2,434,111

Rick Perry $733,882
Ron Paul $363,613
Tim Pawlenty $221,823
Newt Gingrich $194,640
Herman Cain $187,185
Jon Huntsman $184,223
Michele Bachmann $109,786
Rick Santorum $101,813
Gary Johnson $17,450
Fred Karger $500
Randall A Terry $300
Thaddeus G. McCotter $250

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