U.S. House Rejects Senate Payroll Tax Cut

The U.S. House of Representatives rejected the Senate version of the House bill to cut payroll taxes.

U.S. Representatives Michele Bachmman and Ron Paul missed voting on the bill because they were on the campaign trail in Iowa and New Hampshire, respectively.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich came out attacking both parties in both chambers for a failure to reach a bill before the holiday recess.

Representative Adams issued a statement yesterday addressing the deadlock between the House and the Senate:

"Today, the House voted to form a conference committee in an effort to find common ground amongst the two chambers.  Last week, Adams supported the House’s legislation, H.R. 3630, to extend the payroll tax cut extension for an entire year. 

Rather than kicking the can down the road for two months, Floridians and job creators deserve to know that their taxes won’t be going up at any point next year.  Unlike the Senate’s short-term extension, the House passed a long-term and stable piece of legislation that provides important tax relief for working families, extends and strengthens unemployment benefits for those struggling to find jobs, and preserves access to health care providers for seniors.

President Obama said it would be ‘inexcusable’ for Congress not to extend the payroll tax cut extension for an entire year, and I agree.  It’s time for the Senate to end their vacation and return to Washington so that we can work on long-term legislation that would benefit the American people.  My colleagues and I are going to continue to fight for our seniors who deserve to know their Medicare doctors will continue to see them.  We will continue to fight for hard-working taxpaying families who deserve to know their taxes will not being going up at any point next year, because Americans deserve more than 60 days of tax certainty.”

The original article misstated that Representatives Posey and Adams voted against H.R. 3630, when in fact, they had.  The correct bill number that both Representatives had voted against was H.R. 2055.   BrevardTimes.com had previously addressed H.R. 2055 in the following article: U.S. Senate Passes Unemployment Extension

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