Perry Takes Out Romney, Paul Attacks Gingrich In Iowa Debate

Republican Texas Governor Rick Perry unwittingly took out former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney while Ron Paul attacked Newt Gingrich in last night's ABC News Iowa GOP Presidential Primary Debate. 

Like Agent 99 or Inspector Clouseau, the ever bungling Perry accidentally took out his opponent by alleging that Mitt Romney's original book called for Romneycare on a national scale. 

Mitt Romney defended himself by proposing a $10,000 bet that his book did not call for Romneycare on a national scale - a bet that would immediately haunt the Romney presidential campaign.

The $10k bet only reinforced the populist Republican perception of Mitt that he is a New England liberal elitist RINO.

To be fair to Romney, $10k does not actually mean ten thousand dollars in multi-millionaire slang.  What it does mean to his fellow ultra-rich friends is that, "If I sink this next hole, you pay me $9,000 and take me out to a $1,000 dinner while you write the check so we don't have to report our illicit wager to the IRS."

Newt Gingrich came under attack from his leading opponents Mitt Romney and Ron Paul regarding Newt's statement that the "Palestinians are an invented people."  Ron Paul was the most specific, pointing out that Israel was no more of a state than Palestine in the former Ottoman Empire. Ron Paul also accused Newt Gingrich of stirring up trouble.

Ron Paul showed both historical accuracy as well as being on point regarding foreign policy with those remarks.  As brought up in a previous article that Presidential Campaign Rhetoric Could Destroy Western Economies due to the affect of an Iranian conflict on oil prices, increased conflict with the Palestinians and Israelis also historically cause oil prices to rise.  The most recent event was in 2009 where conflict in the Gaza Strip caused oil prices to rise sharply.

Michelle Bachmann personally had a better performance last night than in previous Republican debates, but it still wasn't enough to propel her to double digits in polls conducted after the Iowa debate.

UPDATE: Romney and Gingrich Lose, Paul Gains In Recent Iowa Poll


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