Kelly Clarkson's Album Sales Spike After Ron Paul Endorsement

Tired of monied interests corrupting Washington, D.C., Americans are apparently voting with their pocketbooks this election cycle. 

While most Americans can't contribute millions of dollars to support a political candidate, millions of Americans can decide where to spend their dollars when it comes to the support of their favorite candidate.  This is especially true in the entertainment industry where movies, music, and television are extremely discretionary items.

According to an article in The Blaze, Kelly Clarkson's album sales increased 192% after she tweeted, “I love Ron Paul,” and “He’s got my vote.”

Now that singer Kelly Clarkson and Fear Factor's Joe Rogan are enjoying extra attention due to their support for Ron Paul, this should give aspiring artists pause about attending one popular entertainment private school known as Full Sail University located just outside of Orlando, Florida.   

Perhaps in stark contrast to the political views and interests of his students, Full Sail University CEO James W. Heavener contributed to $45,00 to Mitt Romney's Super PAC known as "Restore Our Future." 

This isn't the first instance that Ron Paul supporters have determined to vote with their wallets.  As reported by nearly two weeks ago, Ron Paul supporters are retaliating against establishment media advertisers because they are fed up with what they see as the very overt strategic exclusion of Ron Paul during the coverage of the 2012 Republican Presidential Primary race.

Thanks to easily available donor contribution databases provided by the Federal Elections Commission, it is not hard at all for Americans to check a company out before they buy a product.  Since many Americans already research a product on the internet before purchase, the second step to the process would simply be to research a company's campaign contributions before deciding which brand to buy.

Planning on buying a new pair of shoes this weekend?  Better not buy New Balance if you hate Mitt Romney.  The CEO of New Balance, Inc., James S. Davis, contributed $500,000 to "Restore Our Future."

Did you skip the movie but plan on buying the Puss 'n' Boots DVD?  Maybe you should wait until you can check it out at the public library if you don't like President Obama.  DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg gave $2 million to Obama's Super PAC known as "Priorities USA Action" this year.

Do you support our troops but want the U.S. out of foreign wars?  As the New York Times pointed out earlier this month, Ron Paul has a 4 to 1 margin over Mitt Romney when it comes to the number of active and retired military personnel contributing to his campaign.

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