Fox News Last Iowa Debate Highlights Part I


Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney
Texas Governor Rick Perry
Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich
Texas Congressman Ron Paul
Minnesota Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann
Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum
Obama Ambassador Jon Huntsman


Neil Cavuto
Megan Kelly

Moderator:  Electability number one goal for GOP voters?

Gingrich: RR runing 30 point behind Carter, RR believes what he is doing, understands foreign policy, 7 three hour debates I can beat Obama.

Balanced the budget for four straight years. First tax cut in 16 years. Laughable to question conservatism. 23 years teaching generals the art of war. Prepared to get country back on the right track.

Moderator Kelly: Electability? Pledge GOP nominee support?

Paul: Anyone here can beat Obama [applause].  Const and freedom brings americans  dems./rep into the fold.

Moderator Kelly: You have failed to catch fire.

Santorum:  I am counting on Iowa to catch fire. I am fighting for the conservative cause when it is popular and unpopular.

Moderator Wallace:  Would Gingrich or you fight harder for conservatives?

Romney:  Bland talking points, waiting for answer. Anecdotal stories blended with talking points. NOTHING.

ModeratorWallace:  Bachmann, what about Independants and moderate Reps?

Bachmann:  I attract both Republicans and Independents as well in congressional races.

Moderator Cavuto: Perry, you are an admitted bad debater.

Perry:  I'm gettin used to these debates and I will get there early.  Perry compares self to Tim Tebow.

Moderator Cavuto: Huntsman energize conservatives?

Huntsman:  Im not going to contort myself into a pretzel.  We have an economic and trust deficit.  People don't trust their institutions anymore.  We deserve better.

Moderator: How to handle gridlock in Congress?

Santorum: Motivate Americans from bottom up.

Perry:  We need a President with governing experience.

Romney: What is leadership?  I had to learn how to get the respect of the [state] speaker of the house.

Gingrich:  Leadership is key.  I helped RR despite a democratic majority, four balanced budgets with Clinton.

Paul:  Gov too big, spending too big, one wants welfare one wants warfare.  Make politicians live up to what they say.

Bachmann: no new taxes, dont spend more than taking in, within Constitution.

Huntsman: Leadership action not words.  Flat tax done for NV.  HC reform without a mandate. 

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