Fox News Last GOP Iowa Debate Part II


Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney
Texas Governor Rick Perry
Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich
Texas Congressman Ron Paul
Minnesota Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann
Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum
Obama Ambassador Jon Huntsman


Neil Cavuto
Megan Kelly
Chris Wallace

Moderator Wallace: Give back money bankrupting companies - Romney.

Romney:  Added 10k jobs, but doesn't say 10k net jobs.

Moderator Wallace: Gingrich - I like GSEs

Gingrich:  Distinguishes that 'I was a private citizen', not in political power like Barney Frank.

Moderator Wallace: You accuse Gingrich of corruption.

Paul:  Gingrich has a different view of private enterprise, GSEs are government sponsored.  Its fascim when big gov and big biz get together.  Government Sponsored Enterprise is not private enterprise [applause].

Gingrich:  I did no lobbying of any kind.

Moderator Wallace: What is your evidence that Gingrich engaged in influence peddling?

Bachmann: His check from Freddie Mac is the best evidence.

Gingrich:  I did no lobbying of any kind.

Bachmann: You don't have to be in the technical definition of lobbying to influence peddle.

Gingrich: I have never changed my positions because of a payment.

Moderator Cavuto: Consistency problem?

Gingrich: #dodge

Romney: #dodge [Talking points, restating problems seven ways to Sunday, no answer.]

Moderator Cavuto: Have you contributed earmarks?

Paul: If the Fed takes money from my district, I have an obligation to get it back.  I never voted for an earmark. If everyone did what I did, there would be no earmarks.  As president, I dont want to run the world or people's lifestyle [applause].

Moderator Cavuto: Are you guilty of benefiting from the programs you rail against?

Perry:  We should talk about on this stage is overhauling Washington where you can't distinguish between lobbying and consulting.

Moderator Cavuto: Chinese trade wars?

Huntsman:  Its a complicated question.  Invite dissidents. Create change and reform in China.  Eventually, we need shared values rather than a transactional relationship with China.

Moderator Cavuto: Tax Holiday?

Santorum:  Money can come back at 5% tax.

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