Fed Up With Bias, Ron Paul Supporters Boycott Advertisers

Fed up with a very overt strategic exclusion of Ron Paul during the coverage of the 2012 Republican Presidential Primary race, Ron Paul supporters are retaliating against establishment media advertisers.

Despite being called out several times regarding the mainstream media bias against Ron Paul, mainstream media producers, editors, reporters, and anchors continue to do their best to avoid mentioning Ron Paul during the reporting and political discussions of the 2012 Republican Primary Race.

Unlike other politically inspired boycotts, this boycott could have some financial affect on advertisers because of the follow though demonstrated by Ron Paul supporters who have historically shown their strong devotion to their candidate in both volunteerism and grass roots campaign contributions.

The conservative cable television network Fox News appears to be the major target within the cross-hairs of Ron Paul supporters.  Perhaps because Fox News would have the most influence over Republican primary voters than more left leaning cable news networks like CNN or MSNBC.

A Facebook page entitled 'Boycotts in support of Ron Paul 2012'  continues to post media coverage where they believe Ron Paul was unfairly covered or purposely cast in a bad light.

The website specifically calls out Bill O'Reilly as being anti-Paul, and also addresses broadcast TV news media as also being anti-Paul.

Whether the boycott catches on or has a major effect against advertisers is yet to be seen.  But as this race continues with Ron Paul running first, second or third in recent polls, Paul supporters are carefully analyzing news broadcasts to determine if the mainstream media is giving Ron Paul his correspondingly deserving media coverage based against other candidates who were in similar positions this last summer and fall.

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