Control the Message, Control the People

I am writing during a time that sees turbulence among citizens threatening government and financial institutions around the globe.  I have personal acquaintances involved in various forms of protest around the United States and my own household is now fully invested in local credit unions instead of banks.

After many years spent living in Seattle, a city now notorious for unprovoked police brutality against its citizens, I developed an interest in public unrest and grew passionate for politics and quality of life standards.

I have a rather suspiciously held belief that revolution is afoot; as a country of people we are ripe for it.  One could even accuse me of hoping for a wide spread revolution within our boarders.

With un and underemployment rates calculated to be as high as 21%, soaring health insurance premiums paying directly for billion dollar executive salaries and the current session of Congress with a paltry 9% approval rating, I’m left wondering how low conditions will fall before the effected take up their cause.

People Magazine, owned by Time Warner Communications, one of the largest multi-media conglomerates on the planet, recently revealed their 74th 'Person of the Year' to be 'The Protester.'

Marking a year in which protests around the world have successfully changed the people’s position in political, business, and civil aspects alike; I find it fitting the editors of such a widely read publication recognize the importance of what protesters are working for.  Not surprisingly, not everyone’s happy with the choice.

Most Americans receive their news from large scale media sources.  These companies employ huge marketing departments and have boards of directors focused, always, on ways to increase revenue and market share.

As such, during an evening broadcast the viewer is robbed of actual news to allow for food and shampoo commercials, celebrity sightings, and stories of no real consequence.  If making maximum profit is your motivation for providing a service, how can you be trusted to impartially inform us?

Not surprisingly there is a media blackout on thorough news coverage of the protests gripping our globe and nation. Thousands of Americans are participating in Occupy protests daily, but mainstream news organizations simply aren’t discussing it.

Companies and governments stand to lose their power and control if the people decide to be treated better and take to the streets en masse.  To keep this from happening the media and government merely have to control the message. Control the message, control the people.

Determined not to let this bleak outlook keep me down, The Protester has given my curious thoughts an injection of purpose and drive.  I spend time constructing liberty’s true face in my mind because what we are experiencing now surely isn’t it.  Make no mistake; a revolution is just around the corner.  Listen!  Your neighbors are just a few streets away, roaring with anticipation.  The time of transformation is upon us, learn what you’re not being told.

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