You Know Presidential Politics Goes Tabloid When Gloria Allred Is Involved

You know presidential politics has gone tabloid when Gloria Allred is involved.   

The California scandal handle attorney now represents a female Herman Cain accuser named Sharon Bialek who alleges that Hermain Cain groped her around the same time Bill Clinton was finding inventive uses for a cigar with Monica Lewinsky.

Apparently, someone did a cost/benefit analysis and decided that the publicity generated would offset the liability borne by a breach of confidentiality in a settlement agreement.  The spin:  [I want to] "put a face and a voice to those women who cannot or do not wish to come forward."

By no means does this alleged scandal mean the end of Herman Cain's presidential campaign.  

Bill Clinton suffered much more graphic and horrific allegations from Gennifer Flowers which were ultimately airbrushed aside when she graced the cover Playboy magazine.

With real unemployment and real inflation both hovering around 20%, is this really what Americans need to be focusing on rather than the policy issues of the candidates?

How about actually reading  a critique of Hermain Cain's 9-9-9 plan before you decide to not vote for him:

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