Occupy Wall Street Protestors Break Through NYPD Barricades: Watch Live

OWS protestors broke through NYPD barricades around 1:30 PM today at Zuccotti Park.  

Some pockets of police were completely encircled by protestors in the melee where they clashed with each other in pushing, scuffles, and occasionally someone falling to the ground.

Unlike the Athens police who stood at bay while Greek protestors burned buildings and engaged in other violence, the NYPD has taken a relatively aggressive approach to protestors who by global standards, are much more peaceful  than their international counterparts.

The OWS conflict with the NYPD is ongoing as of 1:50 PM EST.


Oct 12, 2011
'Occupy Wall Street', which grew to 'Occupy Florida' has now moved to Brevard County. According to the the Space Coast Progressive Alliance, their next protest will begin on October 15, 2011 at Palm Bay City Hall. ...

Occupy Wall Street Raided, Protesters Evicted From Park


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