2011 Brevard County Special Election Results As of 7:40 PM

Here are the 2011 Brevard County Special Election Results As of 7:40 PM.
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UPDATE: 2011 Brevard County Special Election Projected Winners

Cape Canaveral Council,Betty Walsh,NP,175
Cape Canaveral Council,Leo Nicholas,NP,140
Cape Canaveral Council,R.E. 'Bob' Hoog,NP,171

Melb Beach Mayor,Mike Krajic,NP,106
Melb Beach Mayor,Paul S. Guglietta,NP,15
Melb Beach Mayor,Tom Davis,NP,58

Melb Beach Charter Amend,NO,NP,50
Melb Beach Charter Amend,YES,NP,111

Rockledge Council Seat 4,Frank Forester,NP,505
Rockledge Council Seat 4,Mark Brown,NP,339

Satellite Beach Council,Gregg Billman,NP,289
Satellite Beach Council,Mark Brimer,NP,319
Satellite Beach Council,Mike Chase,NP,261
Satellite Beach Council,Pat Gibbons,NP,97
Satellite Beach Council,Sheryl Denan,NP,218

West Melbourne City Council,Andrea B. Young,NP,580
West Melbourne City Council,Andrew B. Jones,NP,278
West Melbourne City Council,Bill Mettrick,NP,563
West Melbourne City Council,Deborah Raskett,NP,367
West Melbourne City Council,John C. D'Amico,NP,402
West Melbourne City Council,John Tice,NP,415

Barefoot Bay Trustee,Louise E. Crouse,NP,177
Barefoot Bay Trustee,Severio Raponi,NP,170
Barefoot Bay Trustee,Tom Guinther,NP,204
Barefoot Bay Trustee,Wilma C. Weglein,NP,216

Cocoa Beach Referendum,NO,NP,249
Cocoa Beach Referendum,YES,NP,596

Barefoot Bay Amendment 1,NO,NP,222
Barefoot Bay Amendment 1,YES,NP,166

Barefoot Bay Amendment 2,NO,NP,63
Barefoot Bay Amendment 2,YES,NP,327

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