Republican Presidential Economic Debate Highlights Part IV

Moderator: How do you address mandates?

Perry:  The real issue is Medicare and how do we get innovation to deliver healthcare more efficiently and effectively.  Block grant Medicare to the states.  We have 50 laboratories of innovation.  Free up the states.

Moderator: Which Fed Chairman has been most effective.

Cain:  Greenspan [would serve as model] for Federal Reserve chairman.  We should not eliminate the Fed, but fix the Fed.

Paul: Greenspan was a disaster. [Applause].  Greenspan kept interest rates too low to long.  Paul Volker was the best chair because he tried to address inflation.  Bernanke compounds the problem started by Greenspan.

SMALL BUSINESS ISSUE: Make bank lending more accessible.

Romney: Obama is over his head.  Romney against Frank-Dodd.  I spoke with a big banker the other day, he said they had hundreds of lawyers working on the regulations.

Bachmann: Government is putting a huge layer of regulations on banks. Wants to repeal Dodd-Frank.  Dodd-Frank is why people have to pay $5 a month for debit cards.

Paul:  Dodd-Frank is a disaster.  Sarbanes-Oxley also cost over a trillion dollars.

Moderator: Taxpayers stand to lose a half a billion dollars on Obama's green grant to a single company.  Is Texas picking winners like Obama's subsidizing of the green industry?

Perry: Every one of those Texas projects had an extreme amount of oversight.

Moderator: Is home ownership too easy in America?

Gingrich: China couldn't compete with the U.S. if we got back on track.

Moderator: Mr. Cain, you said the unemployed should blame themselves?

Cain:  I was just talking about the people protesting Wall Street, not all unemployed Americans.

Romney:  We need permanent changes, not temporary changes to the tax codes in order to remove uncertainty so that business would be confident to hire.

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