Republican Presidential Economic Debate Highlight Part III

Bachmann: How can we trust you [Perry] not to saddle the U.S. with debt like you did in Texas?

Perry: Texas has the second lowest per capita debt in the U.S.

Cain:  Can you [Romney] name all of you 59 points that are fair, transparent, and neutral?

Romney: We need rule of law, great schools, great institutions. [Vague in his answer].

Gingrich:  [To Romney] What was the rationale behind you capital gains tax break?

Romney: I wanted to focus on the middle class because they need a break.

Huntsman: [To Romney] How can you win with your background of [corporate raiding]?

Romney: Sometimes we acquired businesses but net net we created jobs.

Paul: [To Cain] You have been critical of us who wanted to audit the [Federal Reserve] and said just call up the Fed and just ask them.

Cain: I did not call you or any of your people ignorant.  When I was on the Federal Reserve Board in the 1990's, we were not doing what the Fed is doing now.  I have no objection to the Fed being audited.

Perry: [To Romney]  How would you defend [Romneycare].

Romney: Obamacare takes over the entire health care system.  I'm proud of what we accomplished [Romneycare] in Massachusetts.  Our plan is not perfect.  The people of Massachusetts are different [from the rest of the U.S.]

Romney: [To Bachmann] What do you do to get America back to work?

Bachmann:  Solutions I am offering aren't a silver bullet.  I get job creation too.  Government regulations should be the mother of all repeals because it is costing businesses and hindering job creation.  I was against Dodd-Frank.

Santorum: Four of the candidates here [Huntsman Perry Romney Bachmann] supported TARP, but you campaign as though your are Washington outsiders.  [To Cain]  How can we trust you with your lack of experience that Congress won't raise the 9-9-9 plan.

Cain:  I will be president and won't sign anything that raises the 9-9-9 plan.

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