Mosquitoes Will Emerge This Saturday From No-Name Storm

Mosquitoes will begin to emerge this coming Saturday from the standing water left by the no-name storm which hit Brevard County last weekend, according to Brevard County Mosquito Control.

BCMC is already taking proactive steps in order to minimize the upcoming mosquito emergence which includes some natural control as well as chemical control of the aquatic mosquito larvae.

BCMC predicts that the adult mosquito emergence will be countywide and range from moderate to severe and should occur synchronously starting on Saturday and ending on Monday. 

Weather permitting, these populations should be adequately suppressed within 8-10 days of emergence. 

BCMC's surveillance network will determine which areas receive priority.  The hardest hit areas will be treated first and the rest will follow.

BCMC recommends that if residents have a standing water problem left by the no-name storm, they should call the appropriate Brevard County Mosquito Control office for assistance. 

From the Wickham Road exit on I-95 southward to Indian River County, call 321-952-4523.  

For all areas north of Wickham Road to Volusia County, call 321-264-5032.  

BCMC's offices are open from 6:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.  


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