ESPN Pulls Hank Williams, Jr.'s MNF Song After Obama Comments

ESPN pulled Hank Williams, Jr.'s Monday Night Football introductory song after he made comments about President Barack Obama and House Majority Leader John Boener during an interview yesterday morning on Fox and Friends.

When asked who he liked for amongst the 2012 presidential candidates, he replied, "None of them."

But later he said that Herman Cain made the most sense.

He was very angered about the golf game between House Majority Leader John Boener and President Obama during the height of the budget battle, saying, "That'd be like Hitler playing golf with Netanyahu."

Strangely at the end of the interview, Gretchen Carlson made the unusual statement that she disavowed William's analogy of President Obama to Adolf Hiltler.

Watch the Hank William's Jr. interview on Fox and Friends below:

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