CNN Las Vegas Republican Presidential Primary Debate Highlights Part II


Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney
Texas Governor Rick Perry
Former Godfather's Pizza CEO Herman Cain
Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich
Texas Congressman Ron Paul
Minnesota Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann
Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum


Anderson Cooper

Twitter Question: If Obama's health plan is bad for the U.S., what is the alternative, and how would you implement it?

Paul: American people should be allowed to opt out of government medicine.  When government gets involved in any industry, prices go up, the lobbyist line up, the insurance companies line up. (Applause)

Cain:  I would want H.R. 3400 passes market centered health plans.

Perry: Texas has one of the finest health care systems in the world.  We have a 1200 mile border with Mexico and they are coming in because the Federal government fails to protect the border.  We should punish those who employ illegals.

Romney: I don't think I've ever hired an illegal alien.  I would love to see Perry's facts on that.   Perry gives illegals tuition credits.  Texas has had a 60% increase in illegals where Cal and Fla have not.

Perry:  You had illegals working on your property.

Romney:  We hired a lawn company that hired illegals.  We told the company I can't have illegals.  The company did it again, so we fired the company.  I would implement an E-Verify system

Question:  Would you order a physical fence to secure the border? Electrified?

Cain:  Yes we should secure the border for real with a combo of fence, technology, and boots on the ground.  Enforce the immigration laws that are already on the books.  Empower the states to do what the Fed government is not doing.

Perry:  Build a virtual defense zone with strategic fencing and boots on the ground and predator drones.

Bachmann:  Obama's aunt and uncle are illegal immigrants.  I would build a double wall fence.  Every year it costs this country $1,000 per American household per year.

Romney:  Every candidate here loves legal immigration.  Ya have a fence, turn off the magnets which are the employers, tuition breaks, benefits.

Perry: You [Romney] are one of the magnets that hire illegal immigrants.

Questions: We have 15 million Latinos, what do you have to say to Latinos?

Gingrich: The U.S. has a history of allowing legal immigration.  The majority of Latinos in the U.S. were born in the U.S.

Paul:  We should look at the incentives.  I don't think we should build a fence.  I think we should think of Americans as individuals, not as groups such as Latinos.

Cain: My message to Latinos, Blacks, Whites, and all Americans: We should grow this economy for everyone.

Perry:  [Anderson] gets to ask the questions he wants, I get to answer them the way I want to.  [Booed by Audience].  We should get Americans working by energy resources.  I do not think we should repeal the 14th Amendment.

Bachmman:  The 14th Amendment should not facilitate anchor babies.

Santorum:  Family, Faith, Marriage is understood by the Latino community.  There is a lot going on that erodes our family values and religion.  Our faith in America is being crushed by courts.

Paul:  Rights do not come in bunches.  We should have more border guards.  We need to bring the personnel back from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Question: Reopen Yucca Mountain?

Gingrich: We have to find safe ways to deal with nuclear waste.  I'm not a scientist, Yucca Mountain was picked by the scientists as the best place.

Paul:  I oppose Yucca Mountain.  It is a states right issue for 49 state to put their waste in one state.[Applause].

Romney: Paul was right on that.  Nevada should be able to say lets make a deal, and if they don't want it, other states could bid on the waste.

Perry:  I agree with Romney.  France gets over 70% of their energy from nuclear energy.  [Perry freezes briefly during response]. 

Question: How to Fix Real Estate Problem?

Santorum: Perry, Romney, Cain all supported TARP.  Government managed decline with a bailout was wrong.  Let the free market work.

Perry:  We asked Congress to act, not to support TARP.

Santorum:  He sent a letter saying vote for that plan, which was the TARP plan.

Perry:  I know what the intention was.

Romney:  Let markets work.

Cain:  We were in a crisis.  I supported the concept of TARP.  When the American people were against it, I changed my mind and am now against it.

Bachmann:  Women in foreclosure are at the end of their ropes.  Their husbands are losing their jobs through know fault of their own.  Obama has failed on housing.  I would turn this country around.

Question: Occupy Wall Street Movement?

Cain: Don't blame wall street and bankers, blame yourself.  Frustration should be taken out on politicians.

Paul:  Mr. Cain has blamed the victims of this business cycle.  The Federal Reserve causes these bubbles.  Republicans and Democrats bailed out the bankers, not the middle class.

Cain:  Paul is partly right.  What are the people protesting on wall street want? For the bankers to write them a check?

Paul:  You have to trust the market place.  No one goes to jail for financial fraud.

Romney:  Obama has no idea how the private sector works.

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