CNN Las Vegas Republican Presidential Primary Debate Highlights


Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney
Texas Governor Rick Perry
Former Godfather's Pizza CEO Herman Cain
Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich
Texas Congressman Ron Paul
Minnesota Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann
Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum

Anderson Cooper

Santorum: Father and Husband.
Paul: I'm the Champion of Liberty.
Cain: I'm Businessman Herman Cain.
Romney: I was a businessman, Mass. Governor
Perry: Texas Governor, Job Creator
Gingrich: Unlike Obama, I like being in Las Vegas.  (Applause)
Bachmann: I hope what happens in Vegas doesn't stay in Vegas.

Audience question: Replace Federal Income Tax with Federal Sales Tax?

Bachmann: We have to be concerned about a Value Added Tax where something gets taxed over and over again.

Cain: I would encourage people to read our analysis at  The reason my plan is being attacked so much is because lobbyists and politicians want to manipulate the American people.

Santorum: Cain well meaning, but would add a tax on 84% of the middle class. Nothing takes care of the families, single persons would pay just as much as people with families.

Cain: That is simply not true.  It is not a VAT.  Americans should read the analysis and do the math for themselves.

Bachmann:  Supply chain would be taxed, so it is a VAT.

Perry: NH residents are not interested in a 9-9-9.

Cain:  It is not a VAT.  A loaf of bread has five taxes in it already [under the current tax code].

Paul: It is a regressive tax.  Many Americans pay no tax.  The audience member asked a different question.  I think we should replace the income tax with NOTHING.  (Audience Cheers).

Cain:  None of my colleagues understand the plan.  It simply removes all of the hidden taxes.

Romney: People of Nevada don't want to pay both taxes.  I want to reduce taxes on employers and middle income people.  I want to open up trade for new markets for America.

Gingrich:  He [Cain] just watched how hard of a sell it is.  Cain deserves credit for having a bold plan and talking about something that matters.  There are much more complexities than [Cain] lets on.  I propose 0% capital gains.  I agree with Romney, focus should be on jobs.

Bachmman:  Every American should pay something [tax]. My tax plan is provable and works [refers to Reagan model].  I want to simplify the tax code.  Its not just tax code, its regulations.  Repeal Dodd-Frank.

Perry:  The focus of 9 should be on 9 percent unemployment.  Get this energy that is under our feet.  We have 300 years of resources: Petroleum, natural gas, coal.  People need the dignity of having a job.  Lets have American energy independence.

Romney:  Perry is absolutely right about American energy independence.  Repeal Obamacare.

Santorum:  I agree with Perry, Romney.  In western Europe, people have a better chance of upward social mobility than in America.  All manufacturers to bring their money back.  Romney, you have no credibility to claim to want to eliminate Obamacare.

Romney:  Romney care was crafted for the people of Mass., not the entire country.   I would not impose the Mass plan on the rest of America.  I will repeal Obamacare.

Santorum:  What you did was exactly what Obama did, attack health care costs with a top down government program.

Romney:  The people of Mass. like it by a 3-1 margin.

Gingrich: Romney is wrong with his experiment in Romneycare.
Romney:  We got the idea of individual mandates from you.
Bachmann: Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson.  Obamacare is so unpopular that the Obama administration is beginning to reject parts of it.

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