ACLU To LSAT: Give Nursing Moms More Time

The ACLU has reported on its blog that its sister organization "MomsRising"  has reported that the Law School Admissions Council has denied the request of a nursing mom to take a longer break during the administration of the LSAT, the standard entrance exam to enter law school in the United States.

The ACLU is apparently upset that the LSAC does not consider nursing moms "disabled" and therefore cannot receive special treatment during the LSAT test.

According to the ACLU blog:

"Babies typically eat every two to three hours; if moms are away from their babies and aren’t able to empty their breasts on the same schedule, it causes pain, possible infection, and reduction in milk supply.  Without sufficient time to pump, Ashley, and other moms in her position, will become increasingly uncomfortable as the test progresses—a serious distraction that could lead to a lower score, not to mention the health risks."

However, as many professional moms who have had to pump know:

1.     A freezed reserve of breast milk builds up almost involuntarilly during the early months after birth;
2.     A "relief" pump can be done within the standard 15 minute LSAT break time (even while peeing :).
3.     If a college graduate who voluntarily got pregnant, then decides that law school would be a great idea when their baby is an infant, can't cry about the voluntary circumstances that they are under.
4.     Nevermind the men. The women you work with after you graduate law school will eat you alive with that attitude.


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