Orlando Republican Presidential Debate Highlights Part IV

Sabtorume:  Extremely jumpy, almost seizure like about DADT.

Paul:  How can you police day after pill?  Moral Character of People Solves Problems. [Applause]

Questions, Perry, Romney, over other candidates would be excluded from now on as fairness to other candidates.

Cain: Dead Obamacare, cancer, necessary treatment over 9 months, delayed treatment, could have died.

Huntsmann: Daughter juvie diabities, Let states experiment.  Want to do what we did in Utah. Cost containment.

Bachmann: HPV dangerous?  I did not make that claim or statement.  Mandate not appropriate for state, but parents. 

TX GOV: I got lobbied by a 31 year old young lady desperate for life.


Orlando Republican Presidential Debate Highlights Part IV

Cain Wins Florida Straw Poll: So Why Does the Media Attack Perry and Ignore Paul?

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