Orlando Republican Presidential Debate Highlights Part II

Romney: Read my book and see what it is.

Romney: Former Prez Obama big spending liberal.  Europe not working in Europe.  [Won't work here[  I didnt inhale. [applause]

Perry: Tax millionaires No.  We need to grow, RR, freedom, underlying tax polixy endosed by WSJ, eliminate loopholes.

Huntsman: TP, TP, TP, nonsensical.

Cain: Eliminate EPA.  [Don't try to fix it] Restart.  Change SS to personal retirement account. Works in Chile.

Gingrich: [Honest] [Applause]  cites 1994, 1983, class warfare, i blance budget for four year.

Johnson: Promise to submit balance budget.  Promise to eliminate Dep of Education.

Santorum: Fed once 3%, now 11%.  Force to turn children over.

Gingrich: Pell grants K-12 better off than Dep of Ed.

Paul: Get rid of Fed involvement of education of our kids.  Nobody likes it.

Perry:  School choice, voucher.  Romney for Obama race to the top plan.

Romney: [Does not deny, but says nice try].

Commentator: Did Perry say something untrue? [Romney stumbles]

Bachmann: 5 BG kids recited every debate, money back to states and local.

Caion: Cut strings, Fed out of Ed.

Huntsman: Lock in pillars of cognotive development. Localize. Localize. Localize.

Bachmann: Immigration.  Reprehensible for Obama to sue AZ.  Build a fence.  No tax bennies for illegals. [applause]

Gingrich: E-verify: Outsource to Amex or Visa.  Employment should be as easy as swiping a card to buy gasoline. [applause]

Romney: I cant follow argument.  Illegal alien benies 22k for instate tuition.  100k for foreign tuition.  Turn off magnet.

Perry: Illegals- I feel normal.  Noone on this stage who worked more on border control.  I supported AZ.  If brought with no choice [babies]  you have no heart.

Santorum: No need to butt in.  [bad choice of words given Santorum definition].


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