Orlando Republican Presidential Debate Highlights Part I

Dave Maldow: smal biz owner grow in economy with confidence

Perry: Refers to TX, reg climate fair, trial lawyer don't come to TX.

TX: Think and risk capital.


Perry: More extensive jobs plan (no actual reference to) [slowing on response]. [booed]

Romney: Small biz a break, had a job in small and big biz. Regulators have to be allies, not foes of biz.  My 59 points.

Commentator: What do u consider rich?

Romney: I don't define rich. [ applause and boo]

Bachmann: Keep ever dollar earned, not gov money.

Bachman: Obama fixes and gimmick [nothing specific]

Right to Work States: You Tube Question

Support Federal Right To Work Law?

Santorum: Unions costing U.S. more money. No public employee unions.

Gingrich: Extend unemployment compensation tied to retraining so 99 week becomes investment in capital.  99 weeks for doing nothing is wrong [applause]

Wallace: Clean energy, separate you policy from Obma?

Huntsman: Wife, fix economy, subsidies don't work, nat gas, reg reform, [too many talking points to highlight]

Cain: 9-9-9  Plan : Thre taxations on Americans? This economy is on life support. That is my bold plan. Treats all biz the same.  Unlike Romney, he is still hooked to currrent tax plan, that tax won't hunt.

Romney: Anyone under 200k see 59 point plan.

Paul: Veto every bill that violates tenth amendment.  DC runaway printing money.  No authority to control our economy in the Constitution.

Johnson:  Better choice than Paul:  Handy man service, ran two polictal offices, promise vet leg exp exceed rev.  I vetoed more bills than all govs combined. consumption tax support.


Orlando Republican Presidential Debate Highlights Part IV

Cain Wins Florida Straw Poll: So Why Does the Media Attack Perry and Ignore Paul?

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