Cain Wins Florida Straw Poll: So Why Does the Media Attack Perry and Ignore Paul?

After Herman Cain won the Florida GOP straw poll, the mainstream media headlines continued to repeat the mantra that "this was bad for Governor Rick Perry."

But wait a minute. Why is it bad for Perry when Mitt Romney came in third in the Florida GOP straw poll?

Wouldn't that mean that it is really, really bad for Mitt Romney?

It is becoming abundantly clear that the media elites do not like any candidate other than Mitt Romney.

By the way, Rep. Ron Paul won the California GOP straw poll, but did not receive half the headlines as Michelle Bachmann after winning Iowa or Herman Cain after winning Florida even though California has more electoral votes than those two states combined.

So why did Herman Cain win so decively in the Florida straw poll?

There could be a few factors:

1.  Perry and Romney spend so much time attacking each other, they do not have the opportunity to deliver a clear and positive message during the debates.

2. Cain has a wonderful charisma and has delivered several one liner zingers such as "get the Fed out of the Ed' and "if 10% is good enough for god,  9% is good enough for government"

3. Cain is delivering the anti-fed, anti-federal reserve message like Rep. Ron Paul, but Cain also integrates God into his speeches.   Rep. Ron Paul tends to alienate religious Christian conservatives with his libertarian stance on moral issues.


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