Top 10 Things That Charlie Sheen and Ghaddafi Have In Common

10.  Both shined in the public spotlight in the 1980s, then faded away for a while.

9.  Both came back into the public spotlight in the 2000's.

8.  Both started their careers playing "Red Dawn."

7.  Both are rumored to abuse illegal drugs.

6.  Both think they are victims of conspiracies.

5.  Ghaddafi is ruler of his own country but acts like a Hollywood actor.  Charlie is a Hollywood actor but acts like a ruler of his own country.

4.  Both can passionately give incomprehensible rants for a long duration.

3.  Both dominated prime time television in their own countries, only to be cut short.

2.  Charlie has his goddesses, Ghaddafi has his Amazon Guard.

1.  They are both still WINNING!

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