Rep. Posey's Bill To Rename Cocoa Post Office

Per Congressional Press Release:

Congressman Bill Posey (R-Rockledge) recently introduced legislation naming a U.S. Post Office in Cocoa in honor of Harry T. and Harriette Moore. The Moores are celebrated locally and nationally as leaders in the modern civil rights movement. The entire Florida Congressional delegation has cosponsored Posey's bill.

“This bill commemorates the Moores’ legacy in a town where Mr. Moore began his service to others as a teacher,” said Congressman Posey. “Both of these fine citizens undoubtedly touched the lives of others with their dedication, integrity, persistence and compassion. This post office will serve as a reminder to our community of the important and lasting contribution the Moore’s have made to Cocoa and the nation.”

“They were pioneers and legends who paid the ultimate price. Two of our primary patriarchs who left a legacy of dedication,” said Robert Graham Johnson, President of the South Brevard Branch of the NAACP. “This would be a good way to commemorate the life and the memory of these two great historians. Naming the post office after the Moores would be another visual aide of our appreciation of their impact on all Americans.”

“This is one of many of the positive accomplishments for the Moore family for their commitment to serve all citizens of Florida past and present,” said Mayor Michael C. Blake of the City of Cocoa.

“We support the congressman's legislation in naming the Cocoa Village Post Office in honor of the Moores because it will be another symbolic structure in our community to forever remind generations to come of their civil rights work and the sacrifice they paid to ensure that ALL benefit from the freedom and liberties this nation offers its citizens,” said LeRoy Darby, President of the Central Brevard NAACP.

“This is a well deserved honor for this heroic couple who gave their lives in the fight for freedom for all citizens in the state of Florida,” said William "Bill" Gary, President of the Harry T. & Harriette V. Moore Cultural Complex, Inc. Board of Directors. “I applaud and commend Congressman Posey for his efforts in recognizing the legacy and contributions of Harry T. & his wife Harriette V. Moore”

“It is refreshing to know that the Moore's legacy will live on in Brevard County,” said Rev. Glenn B. Dames, Jr., President of the North Brevard Branch of the NAACP. “The post office will serve as a tribute to the Moore's sacrifice and will remind our children of the ultimate price they paid in the pursuit of equality for all people. As the President of the North Brevard Branch of the NAACP, I am proud to stand with Congressman Bill Posey as he honors that legacy.”

In 1934, Harry T. and Harriette Moore founded the Brevard County chapter of the NAACP, which led to a statewide NAACP Conference in 1941. Mr. Moore served as the President of the Florida State Conference of NAACP chapters, as well as the founder and Executive Director of the Progressive Voters League. As the couple celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary on Christmas Eve, 1951, a bomb exploded beneath their home. Mr. Moore died on the way to the hospital, and Mrs. Moore died as a result of her injuries nine days later.

The tragic murder, which cut short the lives of this heroic couple, sparked an even more resounding outcry for civil rights. While serving in the state legislature, Posey helped secure state funding for developing the Moore’s home site and designating it a Florida Historical Heritage Landmark. Brevard County also honored the Moores by naming its Justice Center after them. Posey’s bill will designate the United States Postal Service located at 600 Florida Avenue in Cocoa, Florida, as the “Harry T. and Harriette Moore Post Office”.

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