City of Titusville Passes Alcohol On Sunday

After much debate and extended hours, the Titusville City Council voted 3-2 to approve the service of alcohol on Sundays within the proposal known as "option 5". 

The proposal adopted requires that alcohol can be distributed after 11 a.m. on Sundays provided that the establishment serves food and has an after-hours permit.

Many Titusville residents voiced opposition with religious connotations, while at the same time denying that such connotations were a factor. 

The Mayor of Titusville repeatedly cited the U.S. Constitutions that religion could not be a factor, but said public safety could be considered if presented.

The Titusville City Council Members opposed to the service of alcohol on Sundays failed to present statistically valid data to support their position.  Additionally, residents also failed to introduce public safety data to support their opposition to the service of alcohol on Sundays.

Without the presentation of such evidence as requested by the Mayor, the City of Titusville council members and mayor had no legal choice but to vote for the service of alcohol.

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