Thursday, April 10, 2014

Brevard County Manager Leaving for St. Lucie County

ST. LUCIE COUNTY, Florida -- Brevard County Manager Howard Tipton notified Brevard County Commissioners this morning that he has been selected and approved as the next St. Lucie County Administrator.

"As you know with my impending departure from Brevard County planned for later this year, I had begun to look for what the next chapter in my career would be," Tipton wrote to the Brevard County Commissioners.  "Well I never anticipated that things would come together so fast, but in God’s good time, it appears this next chapter will occur as the County Administrator for St. Lucie county which is the county just south of Indian River county.  Their county commission approved my selection this morning and the next step in the process will be to work out an acceptable employment contract."

Although I don’t know yet what date I will be leaving, it will be well in advance of my originally planned September 30th date," Tipton continued.  "Please know that I will continue to work with Stockton and the entire administrative team to ensure a smooth transition and that I have no doubts about the leadership I leave behind.  Brevard  County could not be in better hands."

Last July, Tipton proposed that the Brevard County Commission designate Deputy County Manager Stockton Whitten as "County Manager In Waiting" following Tipton's announcement that he will retire from Brevard County in the fall of 2014.

But all of the Brevard County residents who spoke at last year's Commission meeting about the succession plan were opposed to it.  "This succession plan is totally out of order," said Merritt Island resident John Weiler.  "I recommend that you accept Tipton's resignation immediately.  He [Mr. Whitten] should compete for it."

Commissioner Chuck Nelson disagreed with the residents and said that FLORIDA TODAY "got it right" in the paper's editorial in support of Tipton's succession plan.

Upset at what she sees as paying two people for the same position, Commissioner Trudie Infantini was the only one who voted against Tipton's plan.  "It doesn't seem to be to the best interest of the taxpayer to pay for 15 months salary, plus 6 months severance pay on top of that, plus annual leave, sick leave, retirement and health benefits - its too much for the taxpayer to bear," said Infantini.


  1. Take OUR money and run - you DOUBLE DIPPER!

  2. Ding-Dong the witch is gone, the wicked witch is gone. Com'on sing with me! Ding-Dong.....

  3. Let me be the dissenter here:" Good luck in your new endeavor. In campaigning for county commissioner for over a year I've learned being manager or commissioner is not as simple as it appears. My good friend Chuck Nelson said that there are times where you are faced with only two choices, a bad choice and a WORSE bad choice.

    As to Stokton Whitten unless you have spent some time with him you'd not know the man is a human computer he pulls numbers from his head and they are correct numbers. Personally I would have liked to see Stockton go through a vetting process where he competes with other candidates, hje would blow them away. Pandering? Well I guess a little but he IS the right man for the job.

    1. Mr Charbonneau, Your not even elected yet and you already are kissing a--.

    2. Sir, you won't be getting my vote!

  4. "Commissioner Chuck Nelson disagreed with the residents ..."

    Elected to represent the people but he never listens to them. I'm soooo glad we have term limits. He won't be missed by this taxpayer.