Thursday, May 16, 2013

Governor Scott Stops Amazon Jobs From Coming To Florida

TALLAHASSEE, Florida -- Florida Governor Rick Scott has denied a behind-the-scenes deal that would have brought an distribution warehouse to Florida where Amazon would have been given a break on Florida sales taxes until after the 2013 Christmas shopping season, the Associated Press reported.

The Governor's rejection of the deal is in stark contrast to the millions of Florida tax dollars given to companies to relocate in the Sunshine State such as the recent Northrop Grumman deal in Brevard County, Florida.

Just last week, Governor Scott appeared on CNBC to tout that Hertz was moving its headquarters to Florida at a cost to taxpayers of around $19 million for 700 jobs.  During the same segment in the video below, Scott was repeatedly asked about the internet tax because the interviewers were unclear about his position after his responses to their questioning.   

UPDATE:Amazon Coming To Florida And Will Collect State Sales Tax


  1. Why on earth would this bozo prevent Amazon for coming to Florida? We certainly need the jobs here.

  2. Exactly why I didn't vote for this ass hat.

  3. Reading between the lines,I guess internet taxes are coming
    While some people would like to continue purchasing tax free it does hurt our local economy.

  4. Hurts just like Walmart hurts but apparently a retailer has chrome dome under their $$$$ thumb.

  5. The funny thing is, he's doing the right things and getting no credit for it because he's not making extremists in either party happy. (I actually tend to be a small government extremist.) But the guy is a businessman who makes decisions on data, facts and analysis. Thus far, I've seen no reporting on what his rationale for this decision is. On its surface, the decision looks dumb; but without seeing his reasoning, I don't think we can judge.

  6. Another reason to kick him out of office next year!!
    Cant WAIT!!