Friday, January 11, 2013

Brevard Teachers Get Pay Raises, Bonuses

VIERA, Florida - Brevard County Public Schools (BPS) and the Brevard Federation of Teachers (BFT) reached a tentative agreement on a two year contract for the 2012-2014 school-years. 

Several historically new items were included in the contract.  For 2012-2013, teachers will receive a 1% bonus and as of July of 2012, the Board of Education will contribute $20 per teacher per month towards health insurance. 

During the 2013-2014 school year, teachers will receive a 1.5% increase to their salaries.  Beginning in January of 2014, teachers will also contribute $20 per month towards their health benefit plan.

“The negotiations team bargained highly innovative solutions into this contract,” said Brevard Federation of Teachers President, Dan Bennett.   

Also beginning with the 2013-2014 school year, secondary teachers will teach six of seven class periods, eliminating one class supplement.  Four additional early release Wednesdays will be scheduled in 2013-2014 for the purpose of teacher training and staff development.

Brevard Public Schools associate superintendent for human resources, Debra Pace, said that, “The two negotiation teams worked collaboratively to incorporate several new items within this contract that support both the needs of the district and the affected staff.”


  1. Are you telling me that teachers don't pay anything for their health plan now and in 18 months it is only going to cost them $ 20.00 per month? When I worked, my health plan cost me 300+ per paycheck, so I guess we're paying for their health plan with our tax dollars. What a crock.

  2. Nice to see the TRUE aspect of that "temporary 1 cent tax" was going towards.....a shame there are STILL people here trying to get it passed even though it FAILED the ballot initiative!

  3. article is wrong teachers don't only pay $20. My wife is a teacher and does not have the health insurance because it would take away most of her pay check.