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Charlie Crist Comes Out of Closet - He's A Democrat


Former Florida Governor Charlie Crist tweeted that he was "Proud and honored to join the Democratic Party in the home of President" last night along with a photo holding up his new voter registration.  Crist had made a failed attempt for the U.S. Senate against then Tea Party favorite Marco Rubio in 2010.

For some time while still Florida Governor, conservatives were questioning whether Crist was acting more like a liberal Democrat rather than a "Ronald Regan Republican" as Crist had maintained during his run for Florida Governor.
Crist had endorsed the High Speed Rail Project for Florida that was supported by the Obama administration but loathed as a tax and spend wasteful project by Florida conservative Republicans. 

When responding to a question over his $1 a pack tax increase on cigarettes three years ago as Governor, Crist infamously quoted Ronald Reagan by saying, "If you want to kill it, tax it."  Whether Governor Crist meant killing the use of tobacco or his own political career by that statement remained unclear, but kept the political jokes about Crist alive during his Senatorial bid.


  1. Charlie,my neice will be glad to hear this. Remember Beth Arrowood who was your\roommate when you two were in Law School.She has really made it big up in her home state of North Carolina.I live here in Florida also and was very disappointed in the Senate race.One day i will call your office justm to chat Bob Allen

  2. glad he's on the right side of populism (workers rights, taxes) and civil rights finally.

  3. He’s a power chasseing politician. He is a poster child for all that is wrong in politics.
    I trust more in a person whose beliefs are polar opposite from mine but does not waiver rather than someone whose beliefs change with political expediency.

  4. Now he can really come out as gay

  5. I knew the minute Crist when to work for Morgan and Morgan, those lawyers that are "for the people" as long as they can make a buck, that he would become a Democrat.

    No telling the rewards Morgan will expect after the moronic, voters, you know, those voters that expect others to pay for their government, healthcare, and welfare, elect Crist again.