Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Gannett Newspaper Publishes "Dummy" Ohio Voting Results

CINCINNATI, Ohio -- A Gannett newspaper's website, Cincinatti.com, published an article this morning with what purported to be the U.S. Presidential early voting election results in the crucial battleground state of Ohio with Mitt Romney leading Barack Obama.

The article was caught by its readers and quickly spread around the internet.  Cincinatti.com later issued a retraction titled Early votes not yet counted in Ohio:

"A Cincinnati.com front-page link to a chart with dummy data, created as a design template for election results, was inadvertently posted early Tuesday morning.

It purported to show early voting totals in Ohio counties. However, no votes have been counted yet – by law counting doesn't start until the polls close.

Cincinnati.com regrets the error."